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Meet future change-makers, Tenzin and Monika

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Tenzin and Monika are two of our current students, living respectively in the Zambian Village and the the Indian Village. Here is what they told us about their experience.

Tenzin, age 15

"The best moments of my life have been spent at the Pestalozzi Village in India.

Prior to coming to the Village my life lacked opportunities. Today I feel the world is there for me to explore. I have attended one of the best schools in India and gained a mature perspective on life.

I have also gained a love of fun and dance, which gives me a lot of happiness. I love sewing and gardening, hobbies that I have learnt at the Village.

I have learnt to be responsible, confident and most importantly a better human being! When I first joined the organisation, I was so shy; but now I feel much more confident. Pestalozzi not only gave me knowledge, but also a place where I can feel at home.

In future I want to pursue an MBA and work for the wellbeing of my immediate family and the global community. I want to become an ambassador for PestalozziWorld and spread the message of charity and love for humanity.

I hope I am able to give back to PestalozziWorld and help many other children dream big dreams!"

Monika, age 11

“I like being in the Pestalozzi Village, and my housemother Anila Ma’am and volunteer Isha Didi look after me very well. I get a lot more here than at home.

Here we get every kind of food and I like the house, the bedding and the new shoes I got for Diwali. In my village we had to light a fire to heat hot water but here it just comes. I like how we are taught here, it’s very good and Maths is my favourite subject.

I thank Pestalozzi for everything."

The names, photos and details of some of the students have been changed to protect their privacy. However, their stories are real.


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