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Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi believed that education is not just about knowledge. It should develop children's 'Head, Heart and Hands' simultaneously - in other words, their minds, their character and their practical life skills.

What we do

Imagine a world...

... where the leaders and change-makers of tomorrow truly understand the issues humanity face, having had lived experience of socio-economic disadvantage, marginalisation and discrimination, and are equipped with the tools and the compassion needed to solve them. 

High School completion rates for these rural children is just 13% in India and 10% in Nepal (UNESCO UIS 2019z).

Today, those in positions of influence often lack the lived experience needed to truly understand and solve the issues faced by people living in with socio-economic disadvantages.  At the same time, those who do have that lived experience rarely have the opportunity to become the leaders needed to bring about change. Too many brilliant children worldwide are held back by poverty, inequalities, gender stereotypes, poor education and the pressure to work and early marriage.

Pestalozzi India is creating social change, by shaping a new generation of teachers, health professionals, entrepreneurs, aid workers and leaders, all equipped with the tools and the compassion they need to do great things for their community and change lives.

How we select our Children

Our expert teams in India travel to some of the most remote areas, where communities are poor and schools are under-resourced.

Here, we work with the local communities to select the brightest children at aged ten, choosing two girls for each boy. We identify those who excel in the areas of emotional intelligence and academic performance. We choose these children for their potential to become role models and change-makers in their communities.

With the support and encouragement of their families, we offer these children the opportunity to join our programme and move to our Pestalozzi Village in Dehradun, where they receive: 

At Our Village


Excellent Education

At high quality local schools, living in a conducive environment for learning and receiving additional academic support from staff and peers.

Nurturing Environment

With child-centred care looking after their emotional wellbeing, encouraging them to take care of others and inspiring their ambition.

Practical Life Skills

Children grow food and take pride in keeping their village clean and tidy. They learn skills such as cooking and sewing to prepare them for adult life and to develop their personal interests, growth and employability.

Our Alumni:
Change-makers give back


The Head, Heart and Hands education model emphasises care and compassion - inspiring our Alumni not only to go far in their chosen careers, but also to give back to their communities. 

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