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At PestalozziWorld, we celebrate both the impact on our Alumni’s lives, as well as the social change they bring to the world. ​Our Alumni are today a new generation of teachers, health professionals, entrepreneurs, aid workers and leaders who are equipped with the tools they need to change the world, together. 


273 Alumni graduated

137 currently being educated

High School completion rates for the poorest rural communities are just 13% in India and 10% in Nepal (UNESCO UIS 2019z).

By contrast, 95.9% of Pestalozzi children graduate with many being class toppers. 

94% of our Alumni go on to achieve a Tertiary Qualification. All the more remarkable given our support finishes after school, and the majority are girls. They hold Advanced Diplomas, Bachelors, Masters or PhDs — with many more still actively in education.

The Head, Heart and Hands education model we embrace, emphasises care and compassion - inspiring our students not only to go far in their chosen careers but also to give back to their communities.  

As our Alumni graduate and begin their careers, entire communities benefit from their support. 

"“I want to become an ambassador for Pestalozzi World and spread the message of charity and love for humanity.”.”


Tenzin - Pestalozzi India

Creating social change, one student at a time

of our Alumni have remained in their country of origin, contributing back to society (7% are currently studying overseas).


are in careers of public service, two-thirds as educators and one-third working in medicine/healthcare or development programmes.


Alumni have volunteered to help Pestalozzi India or for other organisations in their communities.


immediate family members have indirectly benefited from the improved financial position of our Alumni.

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