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Our teams are always looking for innovative ways to share the Pestalozzi values with more communities. 

Mobile learning

Using innovative tablet technology, solar power and educational coaches, PestalozziWorld is accelerating the learning of thousands of disadvantaged children in refugee camps and villages in rural Zambia through a social enterprise, Edulution.

What is Edulution?

Edulution is a social enterprise partially funded by PestalozziWorld, running tablet-based educational programmes for children living in some of the most remote areas of Zambia, including refugee camps. Solar units entirely power the tablets. 


Each year, thousands of children can improve their reading, writing and math skills through Edulution. 

Tablets, solar power and skilled coaches

Rural Zambia is a challenging environment with no grid electricity or running water, extreme temperatures in dusty environments, very limited internet connectivity and low-quality schooling.

Edulution’s learning coaches, many of whom are PestalozziWorld alumni, travel around with a pack full of tablets, a remote computer and a range of fun educational games up their sleeves! Working at their own pace, students are supported to master foundational maths and literacy while developing their computer skills in regions where there is limited access to quality education. 

This unique combination of innovative learning tablets, software, solar power, and most importantly, skilled coaches, is having a measurable impact.


Edulution’s ‘alpha’ course graduates performed 25% better than their peers in the Grade 7 National examination.

PestalozziWorld helped Edulution get started and has since supported its work with thousands of students. Edulution now serves over 10,000 students in Zambia and will soon start serving students in other sub-Saharan African countries.

"I've changed people's lives"

Not just mobile learning

Edulution coach Malenga, explains why she enjoys her work so much with Edulution: "I think I like being a coach, because there are a lot of things that I've done. I've changed people's lives, from 1+1 to 2!"

The Edulution coaches are at the heart of this innovative programme that is helping more and more children learn the mathematical skills they need to succeed in life. They are all entrepreneurs in their own right, and their income depends on the performance of their students.


Many, are former PestalozziWorld students. 

They travel in the most remote regions with a backpack, and a battery powered mini-computer equipped with a mobile learning centre to help children learn about maths, in a supportive and caring environment. 


Help us create social change

By sharing the Pestalozzi values far and wide, we are changing the world. Through education, we're giving opportunities to some of the most unpriviledged children, while creating a new generation of leaders and change makers who have the potential to change lives.

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